Bruss (2011)

"Imagine arriving home, opening the refrigerator, and brussels sprouts fall out. Like just roll onto the floor," Alison says.

"They never stop rolling," Ashley says. "The brussels sprouts roll forever."

"They appear in your shoes. You open your car door and you have to usher out thousands of sprouts. The sprouts make you late for work. Maybe you even lose your job."

Both performance and installation, Bruss overwhelms its subjects and creators, Ashley Chambers and Alison Reilly, even when it's not being performed for an audience. Bruss floods the viewer's aesthetic senses with hundreds of pounds of brussels sprouts: raw, overcooked, pureed, sandwiched. As Ashley and Alison endure Bruss, committed to continually acknowledging their world as sacred, the audience witnessed trashed Bruss menus, a shrine revering life before and after Bruss, and the stench of rotting sprouts and sweat.

Bruss confuses reality and fantasy for Ashley, Alison, and their audience by creating a dangerously playful space for these women to explore the limits of excessive brussels sprout consumption in relationship to their love for each other.

Ashley and Alison survived the first installment on January 251th, 2011 on their front porch. They performed the second installment at Nisus Gallery on July 29th, 2011. Bruss's story is still very alive today.